Welcome to the Äntlibuecher Stöbli

The team of the Hotel Restaurant Felmis You kidnapped this year for the first time into Äntlibuech.
Traditionally from the Promised Land, we serve the finest dishes and various delicious, aromatic fondues.

Enjoy a few hours in our rustic Äntlibuech!

Opening times from Stöbli are as follows:
Wednesday to Sunday from 18.00 Clock.

for company, Family- and we open the club events Äntlibuecher Stöbli course also like to noon and Monday and Tuesday.



Cream of young celeriac
served in the Jar, to spicy honey bacon
Fr. 9.80

Fine Äntlibuecher Salsiz Cheese Muffin
with leeks and mushrooms
to small Blattsalatsträusschen
Fr. 12.50

crisp Grüenzeugs
Green salad bowl
with bacon, Croutons and grapes
pumpkin seed dressing
Fr. 9.20

main dishes

Fondue variations between Fri.. 29.50 and Fri.. 31.50

Rezentes Äntlibuecher Bergchäsfondue with Brozwürfeli
Half and half put Brotwürfeli


Schwinger Cordon Bleu of pork loin
filled with racy Äntlibuecher Berg cheese and pepper smoked ham
served with fries

Kalbsgeschnetzeltes Schrattenfluh
to Äntlibuecher Träschrahmsauce
with dried apple- and pear pieces
to fine Rösti
Fr. 36.90

The Entlebuch is native to the Felmis.

since 1967 Zeno and Margrith Schmidiger took over the Hotel Restaurant Felmis, they brought already a piece of Entlebuch to Horw.
The Vollblutentlebucher Zeno has brought inspiration and perfection in our well selected Äntlibuecher Stöbli.
Come and see for yourself!

Also, the Äntlibuecher Stöbli ideally suited for your Christmas event with a delicious fondue and vorgehendem Glühweinapero.

This winter season 2017/18 opens our Stöbli with Äntlibuecher specialties for the first time.



Baurealit GmbH and sawmill Schmidiger from Flühli realize the “Äntlibuecher Stöbli” Hotel Restaurant Felmis in Horw near Lucerne.


Stöbli instead horticulture. As icing on the cake was now where in summer the garden is, a mobile “Äntlibuecher Stöbli” realized. How can it be otherwise, Also this course had “genuine Entlebuch” be. Of course, were just like the “true-Entlebucher”, the namesake Daniel, Mario and Franz Schmidiger with your company Baurealit GmbH and sawmill Schmidiger from Flühli, honored with the Order.

The only downer in history: The construction management was the nichtentlbucher Horwer star architect Ruedi Meier held. but as a regular at the Felmis he was also a driving force, and had significantly to the realization of the “Äntlibuecher Stöbli” contributed.