Online-booking, More than 50 Percent of individual tourists book hotels via booking portals on the Internet. This is the hoteliers in Lucerne dearly.


he Internet has also changed the travel industry rapidly: Flights and hotels are appropriate portals such as or booked. For the mediation of the guests these portals collect commissions. And here begins the hoteliers dilemma: "Effective mediation services should be fairly compensated with commissions. Such as when an Australian will alert a booking portal for us. As fair and justified we call commissions of ten to twelve percent ", says Roman Omlin, Head of Sales and Marketing at the Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern. According Omlin there are also booking portals, The cash per night a quarter of the hotel room price as commission. "That is incredibly high", says Omlin further.

because some 55 Book percent of individual guests through online platforms, stay the hotel no choice, insurance as contracts with the booking portals. Omlin: "She put the amount of commissions fixed and the room for negotiation is zero." But there are also black sheep: Some online portals do not act fairly loud Omlin, underbid as a decoy tactic official prices of hotels and shorten so own commission.

Direct booking is desired and is rewarded

Among others to watch the online prices, you have at the beginning Schweizerhof 2016 created a new body. had been invested in their own booking engine, which was up to date. This would be done about eight percent of the bookings from individual guests through its own website. This is an increase of about 65 Percent over the previous year. It was important also, that the hotel Schweizerhof could even offer the best prices. "The desire of the hotels: Who knows, wherever he wants, to directly book », says Omlin further. Guests who follow this advice, be rewarded with coupons for the restaurant or the wellness area.

Arno Affolter, Director of the Hotel Wilden Mann, approved, that they are dependent on the Booking portals in bookings of individual tourists. but there should be no dependence arise. Affolter: "I take my prices are not dictated to by the online portals." He also makes sure, that the room rate on the website of his hotel is deeper than the booking portals.

Patric Graber from the hotel Waldstätterhof and President Lucerne Hotels' booking portals are partners like any other. "In certain portals one must be a hotelier here. On Wednesday ten rooms in this type have been reserved. He finds the framework for commissions from ten to 15 Percent fine. "If 25 Percent required, bother me too ", Graber says further. He also points out, that every hotel owner must decide for themselves, would with which portals signed contracts.