Wildspezialitäten im Hotel Restaurant Felmis in Horw


It goes back to wild and forth in Felmis !

From now until mid-November, we will serve you again tastiest venison.

Here you can see an excerpt from the menu.



Rehrücken Felmis CH (from 2 Persons)

garnished plentiful, served on the board

p.P. Fr. 58.50


Rehpfeffer Hunter Type (CH)

with bacon and croutons

Fr. 36.50


Jägerschmaus Hubertus

Wildgeschnetzeltes an sämiger Rahmsauce

Fr. 36.50


Rehschnitzel Mirza (CH)

filled with cranberry apple

Fr. 45.50


Venison with walnut crust

on cream sauce

Fr. 36.50



These dishes are served with all the classic autumn side dishes:

Rotkraut, glasierte Brown, Brussels sprouts and homemade spaetzle



We are pleased to take your reservations under

Phone. 041 349 19 19 ,

or email hotel@felmis.ch