Minigolf Felmis Horw

Minigolf Felmis Horw

In the Felmis, right next to the tennis courts, is the mini golf course.

The Felmis mini golf course is operated by the Mini Golf Society.

Address of the facility
Minigolf Horw
Kastanienbaumstrasse 88
6048 Horw
Phone 041 340 2044

Address for correspondence
Easy Society Mini Golf Horw
Stegenstrasse 24
6048 Horw

Visit with your family, your friends, your club the Felmis Horw miniature golf course, on Kastanienbaumstrasse 88, in Horw (towards the chestnut tree).

opening hours

1. April to 1. November

Sunday and public holidays from 10.00 – 22.00 Clock.
Monday to Saturday from 13.30 – 22.00 Clock.

Reasonable prices for young and old

Adult: Fr. 7.00, 10is Abo: Fr. 65.00
Kinder: Fr. 5.00, 10is Abo: Fr. 45.00
Discounts with subscriptions 10 Persons

Our kiosk offers you ice cream, drinks and snacks.

More ways to play:

  • table tennis
  • Billiards
  • table football

For inquiries phone 041 340 20 44.

Minigolf Felmis
Kastanienbaumstrasse 88
6048 Horw
Phone 041 340 2044