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at lunchtime

11.30 – 13.00 h

in the evening

18.00 – 20.00


We look forward to your order and thank you for your support.

Call us and tell us your order or order via email directly here ! hotel@felmis.ch
By email up to 11.00 h on the pick-up day for lunch orders and up to 17.00 h for evening orders. (Please do not forget the date and pick-up time)







Meat declaration:
pig, Chicken, calf, Lamb from CH, Beef from CH / UY, Horse from CDN / USA,
Wild from CH, Quail from F, Pheasant from GB, fresh pasta homemade / Bottega Safra Luzern
Meat from non-EU countries may have been produced using hormonal and / or non-hormonal performance enhancers such as antibiotics.

Fleich from non-EU countries can use non-hormonal performance enhancers, like antibiotics, have been generated.

Fish declaration
Albeli from CH, Egli from Poland, Zander from inland fisheries RUS, Fish crispy from NZL and
Shrimp from Vietnam


About ingredients in our dishes, which can cause allergies or intolerances, we will be happy to inform you on request.