Take Away mit 20 % Discount on regular prices.


opening hours

Monday to Friday:
at lunchtime: 11.30 – 13.30 Clock
Eve: 17.30 – 18.30 Clock (Friday to 19.00)

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Our offer includes Takeaway:



Crisp salad bowl with nuts and oranges
Fr. 7.10

Carrot-ginger soup
Fr. 7.90

main dishes

Breaded pork escalope
with French fries and vegetable garnish
Fr. 19.80

french fries and vegetable garnish
Fr. 34.50

Sliced ​​veal Lucerne style
in mushroom sauce, served with butter hash browns
Fr. 29.50

Beefsteak Tartar
with toast and butter
Fr. 25.50

Rinds-Entrecôte an Sauce Bearnaise
potato croquettes and vegetable garnish
Fr. 36.00

Crispy fish with tartar sauce
and garden fresh colorful salads

Jogi’s home made Spring Roll
with Fried Rice and Sweet-Sour Sauce
Fr. 19.10

Vegetarian pasta according to daily offer
Fr. 18.50

Price includes 2.5 %
20% Discount already taken into account in the above-mentioned prices.

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